“All of us in the gymnastics family are saddened, shocked and devastated by the passing of one of our own...”

– Nadia Comaneci

World Champion Kurt Thomas Passes Away After Suffering Stroke

Kurt Thomas, the winner of the first World Championship gold medal in the history of U.S. gymnastics, passed away on June 5, 2020, after suffering a severe stroke. Known for his original and daring skills, including the “Thomas Flair” on pommel horse, and “Thomas Salto” on floor exercise, Thomas won eight world medals, three of them gold, at the 1978 and 1979 World Championships. Read more »


With just the right mix of aggressive attitude and physical strength, Kurt Thomas seemed destined for greatness in his chosen sport. By the time of the 1976 Olympics, Thomas’ skill and explosive power were beginning to get noticed. But it was the introduction of the Thomas flair that forever sealed his stamp on the sport. Read more »


As if honoring his trademark flair for the dramatic, tornado warning sirens began blaring outside the Oklahoma City convention center shortly after Kurt Thomas began his induction speech as the newest member of the Hall. And as was his way, Kurt ignored the danger, entertaining a rapt audience of 300 fans for almost 20 minutes. Read more »

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